The ShiningStars Story

At ShiningStars we are passionate about providing all kids with a platform to increase their confidence and expand their ability to communicate their creativity. 

Brittany Beard, while working on her Theatre degree at Kansas University and working with local preschools recognized a need for communication arts enrichment education.  Brittany was present and engaged with the Lawrence, Kansas early childhood education community and through discussion with preschool directors and owners worked to develop the ShiningStars program.  Upon graduation Brittany moved to Florida and introduced ShiningStars to the sunshine state!  Over the years ShiningStars has expanded to many locations spanning the entire United States.  

ShiningStars has developed organically over time with input from preschool teacher and directors, theatre educators, and parents.  Classes are dynamic and fast moving.  Each child is given the support and encouragement to expand their comfort zone and improve their verbal and non-verbal communication. 

We're excited to have you become a part of our story.  At ShiningStars we work on creativity today so that kids can develop confidence tomorrow!