Why is my child's school not listed when registering for weekly preschool classes?

We partner with amazing early learning centers throughout the area to serve as an extra-curricular activity that helps supplement their curriculum. The schools listed represent those schools who we have partnered with. 

If you believe your school may be interested in including our program please reach out to us!

Why am I not getting any information about my account or my child's participation?

All communication is handled via e-mail if you are not receiving information about your child's participation or about your account and have double checked your junk folder please contact us so we can make sure to get that taken care of!


Can I enroll at anytime?

Yes. Our program typically runs month to month and year round. You may enroll at anytime and we will pro-rate your monthly tuition accordingly. Although we hold a school play we will always find a part for your child! Even if you enroll mid rehearsals. The same policy is true for those schools in which we run seasonal class programs.

What are these stamps on my child's hand for?

The main reason is a reward to our little stars for doing their best and having a blast in class! If your kiddo is coming home with 2 stamps...let her know just how proud you are! We also, reward with stickers! It also is a good little signal to you as parents that your little one joined in on the fun! ;)

What will my child be learning?

Because often times we are the first coach to our little stars we believe that above all else we provide nurturing, safe, & fun environment that allows all of our participants to get comfortable with this new experience in the way that is most comfortable them...but within that the developmental focus of our program stems from our founder,Brittany Barney's, philosophy that focuses on giving every children a voice and that what each child has to say is important. We focus on Creativity, Communication and Confidence with a goal of developing Brave & Creative Leaders for Life! We hope your kiddo leaves each session more confident than ever with a smile on his face and a sense of accomplishment that results from the success they saw in class! 

Where are ShiningStars Classes held and what time are they?

Each of our partner schools is different and in each setting we define the most ideal setting in which to hold our weekly classes. In most of our schools we hold our sessions indoors, or have a space indoors in the event of inclement weather. 

For those schools in which we can't run class indoor we will re-schedule the session and notify all parents via e-mail.  In the event that your child will not be at school on the day of the make-up please notify us so that we can credit your account.

How can I find out how my child is doing?

We will send out eamils to communicate about performances, but the drawback to the convenience we provide by offering out program at school while our parents are off at work is that we aren't given the ability to discuss how each child is doing in class individually. We love hearing from parents so anytime you would like an update please reach out to us!  E-mail us at ashley@shiningstarskc.com

What do I need to do to withdrawal?

Because we staff & schedule our sessions based on participation levels we require a 30-day written or e-mail notice to withdrawal and can be submitted to billing@shiningstarskc.com.

What if we need to take an extended break?

Many of our children go on vacation for extended periods of time, or know that they wont be at school.  Simply send us an e-mail or leave a note at school in advance to tell us when you will be gone and we will adjust your tuition to account for the missed weeks. E-mail us at billing@shiningstarskc.com


Why do I keep getting payment reminders when I already paid?

Typically this happens for parents who pay by check and leave it at the school. Because of the nature of our operation sometimes it takes several days to get those payments collected, applied to customer accounts, and deposited. We do our best to expedite that process as best we can, and have added an online e-check option that you can use if interested. 

How can I make a payment?

Upon registration we will set up an online account for you to manage all payments. You will receive an e-mail from us inviting you to view your account along with some login information. You can make payments with a credit card or an e-check payment by providing your bank account information. 

We offer auto-billing capabilities if you'd like to switch to that it can be done in your account as well.

Can I set up auto-payments?

Yes, you can make this adjustment within your online account and if you need any help with this please reach out to us at billing@shiningstarskc.com

What is your cancellation policy?

Weekly Preschool Classes - Because we staff & schedule our sessions based on participation levels we require a 30-day written or e-mail notice to withdrawal and can be submitted to billing@shiningstarskc.com *In the event a refund is required we will apply whichever funds weren't refunded towards your account that can be used towards any future participation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards - Visa, Master Card, American Express

Checks - Paper Checks